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Jeff Gothelf at #PoDojo Studio

Last week Jeff Gothelf was our guest at #Podojo Studio hosted by Soundcloud. Jeff talked about “Almost Everything I’ve Learned From 5 Years of Lean UX” followed by a fishbowl session. Here are some pictures of the evening.

Thank you #pcampb15

Here are some impressions from Product Camp Berlin which was a fantastic experience for us. Big Kudos for the organizers making this event happen. It was great meeting all the people who share the passion of the #PoDojo to build products customers love and we learned a lot from you all who joined our session… Read more »

Agile Game Lab at Gameduell

An evening full of fun, nice peolpe and creativity. The Agile Game Lab at Gameduell was a great experience for all participants!

Our Interview with Arbeit Aber Anders

The #PoDojo talked to Arbeit Aber Anders about the role of the Product Owner. We expained how to learn and improve moves in mastering the challenges of Product Ownership like in Karate Kid by repeating it over and over again. Tools like Scrum or Value Proposition Canvas are simple to explain yet hard to apply…. Read more »

Product Dojo Zurich, July 2015

We are still blown away by the passion, creativity and fun we saw emerging during the second Product Dojo at Zurich. We love creating a space for product people to have fun exploring and learning doing the new. This can only happen in an environment of trust and we would like to thank you all… Read more »

#PoDojo Studio: Lean Change with Jason Little

The #PoDojo Studio is an open space for Berlin’s product creators to discuss, explore, and create the future of digital product making. Many of you are busy with finding ways for their organizations to move and adopt to new challenges. That’s why we invited Jason Little, an experienced Agile Coach and Management Consultant from Toronto, Canada…. Read more »

Joining the Product Launchpad (and why you should do it!)

Guest post from Semir Chouaibi, ClipDuell In a popular blog post on LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner says: “[…] if you don’t take the time to think proactively you will increasingly find yourself reacting to your environment rather than influencing it.” I have been in that situation as a PO and I can tell you: I… Read more »

Product Dojo Berlin, March 2015

A first glance at the Product Dojo, which took place in betahaus in Berlin this March. We had a wonderful creative group attend our three day Product Dojo workshop. Thank you all again for joining us.