#PoDojo Partner Büsra Coskuner shares her digital toolbox that helped her master the distributed workplace as a product manager at Doodle. Distributed work in product means more than just meeting online via video calls, it’s about creating together, making sense and decisions, inspecting and adapting processes, and nurture a culture of psychological safety and creativity. And you need a proper distributed workplace to support the creative collaborative process. Büsra has been through all of that and shares her favourite tools in this clip.


General collaboration

  • G-Suite or Office 365 – Basic tooling (email, docs, spreadsheets, presentations etc.)
  • slack.com or MS Teams – communication
  • zoom.us or hangouts or whereby- communication
  • webex or gotomeeting – video conferencing for >100 people on paid plans
  • notion.so or confluence (evernote) – documentation
  • Airtable – smart spreadsheet
  • Zapier – tool automation

Daily Work

  • Jira, Trello, Asana – project management
  • Spreadsheets, Product Management Software – roadmaps
  • Standuply – slack app for written standups
  • https://senditlater.app/ – sends message at 9am the next day
  • Workast (ex. To-do bot) – slack app for managing to-do lists
  • giphy app
  • BirthdayBot
  • Toby or OneTab, FreshStart and The Great Suspender – tabs & session management for tab-monster
  • Mindmeister.com – mindmapping

Meetings & Time zones

Webinar extras

  • sli.do or tricider – Q&A
  • loom – video recording
  • livestorm or https://obsproject.com/ (Open Broadcaster Software) – webinar type video calls, live streaming, video recording
  • sli.do is experimenting with a BETA that you need to ask for access: Zoom call within
  • sli.do so that you can Q&A & poll during a Zoom call


Heard of but haven’t tried out

  • tryshift.com – centralizing accounts
  • knowyourteam.com – 1-1s & check-ins
  • donut app – random meetings with team mates
  • https://www.watercoolertrivia.com/ – quiz to get to know your co-workers
  • yac.com – asynchronous audio messaging

Slack apps

How to work remotely at Basecamp

On Slow time

More tools