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Thank you #pcampb15

Here are some impressions from Product Camp Berlin which was a fantastic experience for us. Big Kudos for the organizers making this event happen. It was great meeting all the people who share the passion of the #PoDojo to build products customers love and we learned a lot from you all who joined our session… Read more »

Finding A-Team members

What is your strategy for hiring the best of the best into your team? Ideas are worth very little without people to execute them. And we all know a company is only as good as its team, which is why the hiring process is so critical as you start up your venture. And anyone who… Read more »

Agile Game Lab at Gameduell

An evening full of fun, nice peolpe and creativity. The Agile Game Lab at Gameduell was a great experience for all participants!

Journey towards healthy product development

Product Development is all about creating, growing, and nurturing healthy relationships. Imagine a workplace where: We take 100 percent personal responsibility for our own feelings — without turning to blame or avoidance. We commit to learning with one another when conflicts arise. Conflict happens, yet we do not withdraw or give ourselves up to avoid… Read more »

Our Interview with Arbeit Aber Anders

The #PoDojo talked to Arbeit Aber Anders about the role of the Product Owner. We expained how to learn and improve moves in mastering the challenges of Product Ownership like in Karate Kid by repeating it over and over again. Tools like Scrum or Value Proposition Canvas are simple to explain yet hard to apply…. Read more »

The Hot Seat: Sit down, collect ideas

Lean Change Management and Design Thinking In June 2015, the #PoDojo brought Jason Little to Berlin to run a training workshop with managers, change management professionals and coaches like us, based on his book “Lean Change Management”. Jason explained us how to adapt Lean Start-up thinking and Agile practices to organizational change. Here are my… Read more »

#PoDojo Studio: Lean Change with Jason Little

The #PoDojo Studio is an open space for Berlin’s product creators to discuss, explore, and create the future of digital product making. Many of you are busy with finding ways for their organizations to move and adopt to new challenges. That’s why we invited Jason Little, an experienced Agile Coach and Management Consultant from Toronto, Canada…. Read more »

Five Common Agile Practices that Work with Startups

Jeff Patton recently wrote a blog post on limitations of common agile practices within startups. I like Jeff’s bottom line “to keep the spirit of agile but discounting the dogma” but have made experiences with agile practices that generally seem to work for a startup. I would like to question what is common in agile… Read more »

Six Factors to Succeed as a Team

Agile Game Lab at Zalando Onboarding As part of the onboarding process of Zalando Technology, we were invited by their in-house Agility Coaching Team to hold an agile game round inspired by the Agile Game Lab. Every new employee of Zalando Technology takes part in a four week period getting trainings, listening to presentations and… Read more »

Purposeful Development, Customer First, and Motivation

Daniel Pink wrote a great book called “Drive – The surprising truth about what motivates us.” Is it money that motivates us? It turns out that money is not a motivator for people, to the extent that people need to be paid enough to take the issue of not having enough money off the table…. Read more »