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Joining the Product Launchpad (and why you should do it!)

Guest post from Semir Chouaibi, ClipDuell In a popular blog post on LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner says: “[…] if you don’t take the time to think proactively you will increasingly find yourself reacting to your environment rather than influencing it.” I have been in that situation as a PO and I can tell you: I… Read more »

Retrospective anti-pattern: continuous improvement should not feel like constantly failing

Visiting two teams last week, attending Sprint Review, Retrospectives and Planning meetings, I saw a common thread of malcontent. The dreaded feeling was associated with having a relentless, constant focus of continuous improvement. One of the engineers bluntly mentioned that their “continuous improvement feels like we are constantly failing.” After two lunches and several coffees… Read more »

Product Development: Fun or painful?

We think product development should be fun. There will always be issues, failures, pivots, new issues, new failures, more pivots, and yet innovating, creating, visioning, pitching, problem-solving, building, respecting one another during product creation is a total kick in the pants. But what makes product development fun? There’s a tool we like to use for… Read more »

Book review: Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux

Self-Management, Wholeness, Evolutionary Purpose Most books about organizations are written for people hoping to beat the competition and increase their profits. These types of books offer advice on how to “win”, however within the existing management paradigm. “Reinventing Organizations” is different. It is written as a handbook for founders of organizations, leaders, coaches, advisors who sense that… Read more »

How to: Impact mapping

There are many tools you can use to help you take your great idea and get started on it, (User Story Workshops, Story Mapping, Value Proposition Canvas, Business Model Canvas, simply making a backlog of things to do…) however we want to share yet another tool called Impact Mapping. Impact mapping is a strategic planning… Read more »

Focus on the product versus the project

When moving from a plan-driven traditional milestone-based project management approach for developing products to an agile approach, there is a shift in focus from managing and owning the project to managing and owning the product. Teams are not started and stopped as each new project starts or stops, teams are longer-lived and allowed to learn… Read more »

How to: Introduce Agile with an adaptive framework

Try not to make a BDUF waterfall plan for introducing Agile There is a temptation to make a great plan for an “Agile transition” involving finding best practices and leading all teams in the same direction. There are many reasons not to do this, one in particular stands out: if you believe in an adaptive… Read more »

Book review: Strategy and the Fat Smoker by David Maister

David Maister’s book Strategy and the Fat Smoker came as a recommendation to us from one of the #PoDojo attendees. In the Sensei’s words: “Really read this book, it makes you think about all of those things we do day to day that we shouldn’t do, but we do them anyway.” Many thanks to this… Read more »

How to: Get started creating your own Culture Code

There are questions we hear, usually from companies larger than a couple of hundred people, posing the problem of “how do you enable teams to be high performing, self-organizing, -disciplined, -managed, and yet have these teams be able to represent one single company?” The underlying fear is one of the teams running amok creating their… Read more »

Impressions of the #PoDojo Fishbowl, October Zurich

The #PoDojo Fishbowl brought the Zurich Product Owner community and their friends together for the first time at the Cabaret Voltaire. Lightning talks Stefan Haas introduced many ideas about “culture hacking” to start the evening. Liz Henry led the group in a discussion of art and product ownership and helped us understand how the values… Read more »