How to Run Online Retrospectives

Even deeper, how can you make sure your company, your teams, your processes and flows can adapt to any crisis?  

At many workplaces the chaos of the new work situation catalyzes rapid organizational learning. Many companies try to set up new workflows with the aim to make them work in a remote setup. Other companies ask their employees to continue working with reduced time. Others might try to serve a highly increased demand with not enough staff. And this is just a few of the work challenges we are seeing with this crisis. Is this the last crisis that we’ll have to go through? Probably not. 

Beyond the crisis, it’s pretty normal, too, that workflows need to be adapted due to new situations, information and constellation. To identify and learn useful patterns of responding now, and making these patterns stick beyond this crisis, it is essential to have a calm mind, to be clear of how to manage oneself, and to reflect continuously. What is the easiest way to get started reflecting continuously?


You don’t need to like Scrum. You don’t need to work with Scrum. You don’t even need to know about agile. Simply start with retrospectives in the team to move into a continuous learning flow. The purpose of the retrospective is to provide exactly this – a formal opportunity to stop acting and reacting, and to focus on inspection and adaptation:

  • Inspect how you’re doing with regards to people, relationships, process, and tools;
  • Identify and order what went well (amplifying the good) and potential improvements 
  • Create a plan for implementing experiments, effectively improving how the team is working together.

Who benefits from this session:

If you don’t know how to run retros or how to run them remotely please attend. If you want concrete ideas on improving your business processes with help from others, please attend. We’ll show you how it works by running a retrospective focusing on your team’s remote work flows.


  • Check-in
  • Intro into retrospectives 
  • Retrospective on the topic “How might you improve the way your team works remotely” with
  • Ideal conditions for and goals or retrospectives
  • Check-out


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