Product Strategies to Prevent Fraud

In this session practitioners will share their strategies and hacks to fight fraud. The first speaker on our list is Jan Świerzowicz. Jan is a Product Manager for OLX and is going to talk about “Going down the rabbit hole. Researching scammers from user’s perspective.” Second on stage will be David Wilde, Head of Data Science at RatePAY with a talk about ML-based Fraud Prevention.

“Going down the rabbit hole. Researching scammers from user’s perspective.” by Jan Świerzowicz

Did you ever wonder what happens when you reply to scammers email? Well, we did it for you so you dont have to. In this talk we will present what actually happens when we fall into scammers funnel. What are their tactics and what can we do to educate your users not to fall victim of fraudulent behaviour? We will show you using OLX as an example.

Jan Świerzowicz is a Product Manager for OLX in Customer Safety and Security team for Europe. He has been with OLX for more than 6,5 years and has gathered a lot of experience in different product areas cooperating with teams from all over the world. Before joining OLX he’s been a research assistant at Department of IT of Poznań, University of Economics interested in areas of Social Network Analysis and Cloud Computing. Lives in Poznań, father of one (soon to be two), football and chess fan.

„Don’t underestimate Complex Systems. ML-based Fraud Prevention at RatePAY“ by David Wilde

Human behavior is a complex thing, fraudsters are no different.
What do you need to consider when you want to solve complex problems in an automated fashion at scale?
In this talk I describe how we at RatePAY build up a team to develop an adaptive and flexible product to go against e-commerce fraud.

David Wilde is Head of Data Science at RatePAY and has been with the company since 2016. He started here as a Risk Analyst and currently leads the Data Science team. With over 3 years of experience, the graduate economist brings with him sound knowledge in the areas of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analysis and fraud prevention.

To keep the no-show rate low we’re collecting 5 EUR event fee and will donate to a nonprofit organization. R.S.V.P at our meetup page.


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