One month of deep learning through online group coaching

Facilitated by Holly Mae Haddock

Learn how to create Psychological Safety, the secret ingredient of high performance

Google’s famous study of stellar teams, Project Aristotle, concludes that psychological safety is the single most important factor in achieving extraordinary team performance. Tim Brown of Ideo emphasizes the absolute necessity of safety as a precursor for play-based discovery, ideation and empathy. Organizational health researcher Patrick Lencioni places psychological safety at the foundation of his pyramid model of team excellence.

Research shows that team brilliance is possible only in conditions where interpersonal risk is safe, where individuals are supported to be authentic. But what is psychological safety, and what can people do to create, foster and protect it inside their teams?


Four weeks of experiential learning

In this online coaching group, we’ll explore the mechanics of psychological safety in-depth.

Through experiential exercises, discussion, direct coaching, and learning from others, discover what psychological safety is and practice skills that establish, nurture, protect, and repair it. Leave with powerful insights and practical tools for generating humane, sustainable teams full of creative intelligence.


Four 1.5-hour group sessions over Zoom include theory and practice, learning materials, direct coaching, and peer learning.

High individual attention and small group size of max 8 participants. Option to add on 1:1 coaching to further personalize learning.

Week 1: Basics of personal psychological safety: how to feel safe enough to let your own authentic genius out at work.

Week 2: Team safety: how to co-create a team culture that’s safe for everyone’s uniqueness.

Week 3: Alchemy of conflict: how to embrace conflict energies as part of cooking up genius together.

Week 4: Team Genius: how to decide, flow and deliver as one.


Weekly on Wednesday nights at 18:00-19:30 CET for the month of February 2020

Wednesday Feb 5th, Wednesday Feb 12th, Wednesday Feb 19th, and Wednesday Feb 26th, 18:00-19:30 CET

Who is this for

Product creators, team leads, product owners/managers, people wanting to develop soft skills, creatives, people gearing up for a role change towards more people management responsibilities, scrum masters/coaches, project managers, hr, leadership

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390 EUR for 4 weeks of instruction and direct coaching in a small, confidential learning group.


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