Coaching Product People

Are you looking for an experienced, trustworthy partner to discuss your topics in a personal dialogue? Are you facing a new challenge and need a sparring partner to discuss options and get neutral feedback? You need advice on a complex technical question? We combine psychologically-grounded personal coaching with a deep understanding of the problems arising from creative work in product teams and scaled product organizations.

Process Coaching

Seasoned agile coach and co-founder of #PoDojo Stefan Haas helps you to find space to think in difficult situations, to learn from challenges and to look at complex problems from a new perspective.

  • Develop a good understanding of your situation and create new perspectives on your role, your team, the processes and your organization.
  • Explore ideas, jointly evaluate your options for action and tools that help you further and reflect on the results.
  • Ideal for product managers in a new role, with difficult stakeholders, in a growing product organization or a new market challenge.

Personal Coaching

Creative process coach & counselor Holly Mae Haddock offers kind, confidential personal coaching online to help you turn your difficulties into creative resources you can apply towards your work and your calling.

  • Supportive attention from a trained counselor that helps you get back to feeling inspired, capable, and good at your job.
  • Perfect for those in a new role, handling a big project, managing teams for the first time, or going through a particularly demanding chapter of work life for whatever reason.
  • Safe space to let your guard down, share your burdens, and get coached back to full capacity.

    Please contact us and we will get back to you via email within a day or two with a specific appointment proposal. In the first meeting we will clarify your request without obligation and whether, how and who can help you.

    Depending on the question, we also work as pair-coaches and you get access to our network and all knowledge sources that are relevant to your question. Sessions can be scheduled via phone, online video calls or depending on your location also face to face.

    Prices for coaching sessions start at 300 EUR / hour, or 150 EUR / 1/2 hour. Special prices are available for NGOs, companies with sustainable goals and self-payers. All prices are net, VAT/turnover tax will be charged based on EU regulations.
    Mail us at or fill in the form below to get more information about Coaching.

    Please make sure that your email is correct, and don’t hesitate to send your request again, if you haven’t heard anything from us - or use our direct email

    Some of the questions we deal with in our Coaching sessions

    • I’m feeling overwhelmed by the uncertainty in my project, what can I do?
    • I’m in a power struggle or conflict with someone, how to deal with it?
    • My team doesn’t feel fully safe psychologically, what can I do about it?
    • How can I figure out how to motivate my team?
    • How do I create a growing, agile product organization?
    • How do I know we're making progress?
    • How can I make more time for what’s important?
    • How do I know what has the biggest value?

    Podojo Team

    Why Us?

    We are an experienced team working together since 2012 and have helped hundreds of people and teams at the Product Dojo, in Inhouse workshops and Coaching sessions, while also tackling the ever growing complexity of product innovation.

    We put our customer’s problems first and then we co-create the next step or the entire journey, using our skills in Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Scrum Trainer (CST™) and Management 3.0 agile leadership tools. We have been practicing what we at #PoDojo teach since the early 1990s, and we have deep knowledge in agile product strategy and development, agile leadership, scaling product organisations and startups, corporate startups and accelerator programs and agile transformation.

    What our
    customers say

    It took Holly just 4 sessions to save me and others around me. I had the feeling that I cannot breathe anymore, as I had so many things to do and it looked like it would never stop … I also started to behave like a person that I really do not like (being stressed out and aggressive all the time without any reason). It was just too much for me and people around me starting releasing that I am in a bad shape. The magic happened at the end of the year – Holly helped me create my own safe zone. The best part was that it was so easy. Simple methods that helped me calm down and I started using them every day because they are so easy to combine in my daily routine.

    Personal Coaching Client

    I find this very useful that you can talk to someone who is not in your team about the possible challenges in the team and also personal things and do this confidentially. And Holly always has good questions to facilitate the discussion and makes me think things over from another perspective.


    Personal Coaching Client

    Based in Berlin, Stefan is one of the world’s best innovation coaches out there, and my go-to-person for agile leadership, customer centricity and product development — not only for the tools and methodologies, but especially for the mindset.


    Bastian Gerhard
    Managing Director at Oyster Lab

    Holly’s coaching sessions have given a new dimension to my perspectives, it has helped me to keep the prejudices and judgements aside and interpret conversations effectively and empathize when needed, these have certainly helped me in both professional and personal life.

    Mohan BP
    Mann + Hummel Group, Lead Product Engineer

    Stefan can create an open and creative environment, perfect to enhance creativity and constructive discussions. Working with him was a huge jump in my skills and way of seeing production. Thanks!

    Damien Yvray
    Game Designer at Wooga

    The coaching with Stefan helped me to find new resources and methods to help me with the problems I was encountering in my day to day as a Product Owner. It was a good opportunity to take a step back and reflect on what were my strengths and weaknesses as a PO having someone’s external point of view.

    Clara Huɘƚ
    Product Owner at mySugr

    Every time I meet with Holly, I have the feeling someone is really understanding the needs of people. She has knowledge that no one else in my company has. Her value is extremely high for consultation and mediation, conflicts, personal problems… she listens and analyses problems directly to the point and gives possible solutions.


    Personal Coaching Client

    Being in a startup team often means high pressure and uncertainty. Both can be roadblocks for creativity and collaboration which is so crucial for success. The #PodDjo 1×1 was an eye-opening experience for me. It helped me not only to unfold my full potential under these difficult conditions but also to motivate others.

    Alex Ubl
    Streametric, Product Manager

    Holly has extremely high value. I feel that her training makes it easy to openly discuss any issues both private and work-related without being afraid of being judged or seen as a problem that needs to be solved. During our sessions I received valuable advice and hands-on tools which I’m making use of ever since. I feel there’s no other person that has the training and the neutrality and from whom I can get support as unconditionally as from Holly.

    Personal Coaching Client

    We’re a multicultural team of 5 people with different professional backgrounds selected by our company in order to found a corporate startup in Silicon Valley within 6 months. Coming out of organizational structures and now working in this innovative environment #PoDojo offered great support both for our business ( following the lean startup methodology and also individually in terms of personal development. Doing the right things at the right time is very critical for any startup and young businesses so I can highly recommend #PoDojo’s very competent team that will help you to develop your business efficiently and to grow with healthy team dynamics.

    Kerstin Niederle
    Mann + Hummel Group, Commodity Buyer

    Holly is great, I feel like she is a secure and confidential source that I can talk to about issues I may have without feeling unsafe.

    Personal Coaching Client

    Recently, I was part of a team to work on a project to deliver the product in 5 months, none of the team members had prior working/personal relationship. In this difficult situation, having almost 10h of one-to-one coaching with Holly helped me to identify many things in myself and other people’s need and rationale behind. Holly helped me with different techniques to understand the root cause of personal conflicts, reason of demotivation and individuals being non-committal to be as team. I am glad to have Holly as my personal coach, it really helped me to be successful in what I am doing now.

    Sreenath Kariveti
    Mann + Hummel Group, Innovation Management, New Product Development

    It’s great to have someone who listens, who isn’t directly involved with the product or the company. I have both just talked about my concerns and problems, and received advice / a different perspective, and asked specifically for advice/ guidelines of behavior in certain situations. I have always gotten good advice that I used and has made things better for me and the team I work in.


    Personal Coaching Client

    Some of our clients
    who put their trust in us