Product Learning Journey

The Product Dojo is a learning journey for people who lead and assist teams that create value for customers. After checking in and preparation with our coaches you will be hands-on from the first moment working in small teams with peers from the digital product community to solve sustainable value proposition and business model design challenges. By iterating you learn navigating rapidly several ways from initial idea to creating tangible outcomes, you will improve your practical skills using the tools of Design Thinking, Scrum and Lean Startup, including Value Proposition and Business Model Design, Job-To-Be-Done, customer development, idea generation and User Story Mapping. You will receive feedback and improve your team leadership skills.

  • Why are we doing the Product Dojo?

    Digitalization fundamentally changes how products and services are created. Agile product thinking closes the gap between sales, marketing and technology, to help companies create value in a sustainable ways. Organizations rely on autonomous, self-organizing teams that work in direct contact with their customers as the core of innovation and value creation. To help these teams to create outcomes that matter and to make an impact by solving real customer problems they need to find their own iterative flow while making use of multiple tools available from the design, lean and agile community and to create a culture of continuous valuable discovery.

How do we help you learn?

We only teach what we apply on a daily basis while coaching teams at leading agile product and service companies in Europe and US. We improve skills within fast paced startups, corporate innovation and transformation teams. The learning culture we develop is creative, social, action-oriented and engaging, and we value practical work over theoretic discourse. Using realistic challenges with a purpose we create an learning experience within a safe space that helps participants stretch their limits. To simplify transfer of new knowledge we are engage with participants ahead of the learning event to include their unique challenges. We also provide deep follow up resources and ongoing coaching with peers in our off- and online communities

Who is it for?

The Product Dojo is for anyone who wants to lead in product development, e.g. Product Managers or Product Owners but also people contributing to making products customers will love including UX Designers, Developers, Domain Experts, Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches. We expect participants to be fully engaged and come with an open mindto explore new terrain. For beginners the Product Dojo is a starting point into agile product thinking. For experienced participants this workshop’s condensed agenda is a modular framework to design their own steps of a custom innovation cycle or innovation sprint. For people in creative leadership positions we provide opportunities to improve participants’ personal leadership capabilities. And for teams we include team-based methods for rapid decision making to accelerate team formation processes.

Our Way of Working

When working with organisations who are leading in digital and agile product development we are constantly deepening our knowledge in designing agile product organisations that grow organically and adapt to fit needs. In the process of using our toolbox in coaching corporate startups and accelerators from global companies we’ve identified a set of core principles and success factors that guide us as we help innovation teams:

Organize in small, 100% dedicated, cross-functional teams using lightweight agile roles. Have a dedicated sponsor who leads in an agile way, creates high level of psychological safety and gives forthright, non-violent feedback. Nurture a culture of high autonomy, shared purpose, mastery and trust,. Establish a customer-centric flow, value create over react. Have a strong shared vision combined with rapid empirical design/test cycle for fast learning. Utilize a lightweight, emergent, adaptive agile process owned by the people who do the work, in a continuous improvement cycle, with emphasis on: focus, speed, action, visualization, time-boxing and experimenting. Be mindful of setting up a physical and digital workspace that adapts for creative work.



Your Takeaways

  • Methods and Tools
    We introduce the Value Proposition Canvas with a set of methods for customer discovery using the Jobs-To-Be-Done innovation framework, Design Thinking with methods for empathy, ideation and prototyping, hypothesis mapping using the Strategyzer Test Card, a profound testing library, User Story Mapping, Video MVP creation, Scrum Retrospectives, lightweight Scrum including Sprints, Culture Mapping to design an innovation culture.
  • Innovation Process
    For the experienced participants this workshop’s condensed agenda is a modular framework to design their own steps of a custom innovation cycle or innovation sprint.
  • Leadership and Team
    By using an action-oriented teaching style and designing exercises as team-based challenges the workshop provides opportunities to improve participants’ personal leadership capabilities. For the teams the workshop includes a set of team-based methods for rapid decision making helps to accelerate team formation processes.
Podojo Team

Why Us?

We are an experienced team working together since 2012 and have helped hundreds of people and teams at the Product Dojo, in Inhouse workshops and Coaching sessions, while also tackling the ever growing complexity of product innovation.

We put our customer’s problems first and then we co-create the next step or the entire journey, using our skills in Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Scrum Trainer (CST™) and Management 3.0 agile leadership tools. We have been practicing what we at #PoDojo teach since the early 1990s, and we have deep knowledge in agile product strategy and development, agile leadership, scaling product organisations and startups, corporate startups and accelerator programs and agile transformation.

What our
customers say

It is a fantastic training to learn about and to apply tools in a lean and agile environment! Just do it, you won’t regret!

Peter Schiratzki
Product Dojo Berlin

The workshop is an enabler for greater productivity in your company. Put it on your backlog!

Pascal Steingrube &
Product Dojo Berlin

Thanks for the inspiration, the mixture of hands-on and theoretical parts made the #PoDojo a very valuable experience for me. I loved the busy atmosphere and the vibe. I totally recommend #PoDojo to any PO.

Heike Röttgers
Product Dojo Berlin

Intensity of the training was super high and even thou, when I went home, I wanted to experiment on things and being tired did not even matter. Knowledge that directly motivates you to do more and take an action, is the best kind of knowledge that one can get. Thank you for this !

Teona Burdiladze
Access Microfinance Holding AG
Product Dojo — November 2019

Very inspiring event with great dedicated people! Awesome.

Stefanie Herzig
Product Dojo Zurich

It has been a great experience with great trainers. Highly recommended to ambitious Product Owners!

Sascha Hartmann
Product Dojo Berlin

Great training, where you learn in a pratical and fun way!

Jussi Silfver
Product Dojo Berlin

Be prepared to have fun, to do things that you never ever thought you are able to do, but be prepared with good shoes as there will be little sitting and more doing. And not to forget the most important #trusttheprocess :).

Alexandru Stan
Product Dojo Berlin

Thank you Catherine and Stefan for leading us one step further into the future! I had so much fun and so many insights in the workshop. Thanks to our Product Launchpad excercise I know now how a functional team should feel!

Tanja Urban
Product Dojo Vienna

Fully packed 3 days, lots of info and practice, no boring sit and listen training.

Christin Höpfner
Springer Nature
Product Dojo Berlin

Refresher on the job(s) of PO. Fun time and great exchange with other PO´s. Learning new methods and frameworks.

Joel Saitowitz
Product Dojo Berlin

It was a great experience! It was nice to have an interactive class with lots of great projects and discussions.

Alessandro Tschabold
Product Dojo Zurich

Loved this course, learnt so much by actually doing the work. Stefan, Jens and Catherine are excellent coaches providing the support and teaching that I was looking for.

Patricia Meara
Product Dojo Berlin

Hands on experience from day one on. Highly recommended for new as well as for experienced agile professionals.

Hendrik Jager
Product Dojo Berlin

Hands-on, practical, out of the comfort zone, it`s a journey!

Liz Babidge
HERE, a Nokia company
Product Dojo Berlin

Catherine, Stefan & Jens are excellent trainers with in depth theoretical and practical experiences about generating and shape ideas that feeds into products. I highly recommend the Product Dojo training to organizations, big or small, Product enthusiasts, and managers.

Mohamed Dicor Kalawa
VW Financial Services
Product Dojo Berlin

An absolute must for each product owner.

Karsten Ermlich
Product Dojo Berlin

If you are a product owner, do yourself a favour (or Christmas gift) by joining #PoDojo.

Rahul Sharma
Product Dojo Berlin

Unleashing creativity with passion and empathy to re-engage in innovation.

Bhawna Gesota
Product Dojo Berlin

The workshop is hands on – just like I expected it so see.

Christina Joho
Product Dojo Berlin

The PoDojo was an amazing learning experience! Designing multiple products while applying concepts like Design Thinking & Lean Startup was a fresh experience!

Stefan Januschke
Product Dojo Berlin

#PoDojo’s CSPO was an absolutely life changing experience I would recommend to anyone who is interested in managing people, leading projects or wanting to know how to work through tough ideas. Regardless of your experience level or current position this course is for you.

Brianna Stracuzzi
Product Dojo Berlin

#PoDojo was a perfect way to work and share experience with people with different understanding on product ownership. 3 days of workshop and we have now a toolbox to unlock different situations.

Hector Satre
Product Dojo Berlin

After three years of several recommendations, I finally had the chance to attend a Product Dojo myself. It is amazing what we have accomplished in such a short amount of time. The tight and timeboxed schedule, helped us concentrate and focus on core issues. Nevertheless, the time pressure caused a spark in creativity and resulted in a value-generating prioritization. The mix of attendees was highly diverse, which enabled great conversations and networking.

Sophia Krause
RTL Interactive GmbH
Product Dojo Berlin

Awesome experience full of hands on collaboration and continuous delivery. After three days you feel kind of upgraded.

Adrian Schlagwein
Visual Meta
Product Dojo Berlin

Three days packed to the rim with trying and experiencing first hand a wide variety of relevant tools and methods to be the best PO you can be. Challenging, fun, very engaging and inspiring.

Patrick Steller
Product Dojo Berlin

From the first minute on, this well organized workshop takes you on a journey of product learnings that last longer than three days 🙂

Thilo Schmidt
Architrave GmbH
Product Dojo — November 2019

You guys rock. You find a great balance between theory and practical sessions by listening to your group.

Jöran Rieß
Product Dojo Berlin

Learned a lot about problem and solution exploration #designthinking #valueproposition #PoDojo

Tobias Ritterbach
Product Dojo Berlin

Helped me to get an outside perspective on my daily job, which make me change some things.

Jana Reichel
Product Dojo Berlin

Very experienced trainers and participants sharing first hand experiences of similar challenges and how they have overcome them.

Philip Baumann
Product Dojo Berlin

Talk to your customer, discover their problems and invent a product that relieves customers paint.

Renzo Scheffer
Product Dojo Berlin

It’s an intensive training for experienced product owners. I don’t know any other event which covers similar topics in a three day course.

Jan Wiesmann
Product Dojo Berlin

Thank you #PoDojo for the pitching coach and your overall attention. The video challenge was so much fun!

Julia Biro
Rocket Labs
Product Dojo Berlin

Learning while having fun? It sounds like a trap! Intensive, engaging, very social!

Scibor Lwandowski
Good Game Studio
Product Dojo Berlin

Getting a solid theoretical base and being able to apply the concepts directly leads to very good results.

Philip Hufen
Product Dojo Berlin

It works! Just try out the #PoDojo technique. It really works 🙂

Vasiliki Gkouta
Product Dojo Berlin

My biggest win from PoDojo was understanding how to come up with ideas that could be tailored to my products and work in my genius zone. PoDojo has made my approach towards Product Management fun! With them I truly feel that sky it the limit when it comes to the tools and techniques I have learned.

Tejeswini Kashyappan
Architrave GmbH
Product Dojo Berlin

The training is a good mix of theory and practice. I learned tools and methodologies which I’m sure will improve my performance in my daily job. Plus, I had the chance to collaborate and have fun with great people with similar interests and challenges!

Adrien Renahy
Product Dojo Berlin

Intense. Great insights! Wow! Highly recommended.

Sebastian Göhr
Jochen Schweizer
Product Dojo Berlin

Those were three awesome days with tons of insights about the role of the PO and about myself! It is hands-on from start to finish. It was a great to experience this development process!

Robert Wolff
Eye Square
Product Dojo Berlin

Not only the content of the #PoDojo was a great thing to learn, but also the way you teached us the important things, the style you used to get us up to speed and keep us there. I love it! Thanks!

Martin Damboldt
Product Dojo Berlin

As User Exprerience Designer it was a great chance to get a deeper understanding of the Product Owner job so now I can integrate User Experiece Methods much better in our daily team work.

Vika Kremer
Allianz Deutschland
Product Dojo Vienna

I would recommend #PoDojo to anyone on their way to becoming a Product blackbelt.

Clive Lavery
Product Dojo Berlin

Thanks for the great informative and inspiring workshop.

Meik Neuhaus
Deutsche Post E-Post Development
Product Dojo Berlin

Fun, revealing, refreshing ….inspiring!

Asenet Varela
HERE, a Nokia company
Product Dojo Berlin

#PoDojo Lean Innovator Dojo – Suprising experience on converting my idea into reality. Helping a research guy to learn to think in business model. Guide you towards the right direction.

Shu Shu Ding
Product Dojo Berlin

The #PoDojo workshop is a great way of experiencing Scrum/Agile framework style and get a lot done in a planned and structured way.

Danilo Nascimento Guerra
SumUp Services GmbH
Product Dojo — November 2019

Packed three days aimed at generating, testing, designing and implementing product ideas. Highly recommend for those new or seasoned as a way to shake up your routine and start collaborative learning around product at your company! 🙂

Katharine Jarmul
Kjamistan UG
Product Dojo — November 2019

I think you can’t get more inspiration in 3 days than in the #PoDojo.

Cecile Bockhold
Product Dojo Berlin

Get long lasting experiences from a highly motiovated and highly skilled team of teachers!

Stefan Gohr
Product Dojo Berlin

The list is big. I’m impressed. I learned new tools, I got a better / deeper understanding about tools I already knew and I also got a much clearer vision about how different processes relate to each other.

Jonathan Soifer
Product Dojo Berlin

Relevant to the modern world!

Simon Cowan
Product Dojo Berlin

Great variety of exercises, continuous feedback from coaches & participants.

Artem Dmitriev
Product Dojo Berlin

Just feels right to do the Product Dojo!

Christian Scholz
Product Dojo Berlin

If you want to learn about Agile, this training experience is a must. Be prepared for 3 days of the most intense learning experience you will ever have. Be open, go out of your comfort zone!

Zvonimir Durcevic
Unified Mobile Solutions
Product Dojo Vienna

The #PoDojo is a great opportunity to get in touch with other Product Owner which are facing mostly the same problem. Practicing the theoretic models helps enormous to learn them and understand their need.

Kathrin Mai
Visual Meta
Product Dojo Berlin

A fun filled 3 day interactive and comprehensive workshop with an opportunity to learn and explore the Product Owner skills followed by roleplaying and implementation in a creative manner.

Irfan Jamal
Daimler Chrysler
Product Dojo Berlin

Leave your daily work behind and be open minded, this workshop will blow your mind!

Christoph Wehofer
Austrian Lotteries
Product Dojo Vienna

It is an intensive and really practical workshop and it solves the biggest problem: Really use the tools you have learned.

Raphael Koch
Product Dojo Berlin

Some of our clients
who put their trust in us