Clara Huɘƚ

The coaching with Stefan helped me to find new resources and methods to help me with the problems I was encountering in my day to day as a Product Owner. It was a good opportunity to take a step back and reflect on what were my strengths and weaknesses as a PO having someone’s external… Read more »

Personal Coaching Client

It took Holly just 4 sessions to save me and others around me. I had the feeling that I cannot breathe anymore, as I had so many things to do and it looked like it would never stop … I also started to behave like a person that I really do not like (being stressed… Read more »

Damien Yvray

Stefan can create an open and creative environment, perfect to enhance creativity and constructive discussions. Working with him was a huge jump in my skills and way of seeing production. Thanks!

Bastian Gerhard

Based in Berlin, Stefan is one of the world’s best innovation coaches out there, and my go-to-person for agile leadership, customer centricity and product development — not only for the tools and methodologies, but especially for the mindset.  

Personal Coaching Client

Every time I meet with Holly, I have the feeling someone is really understanding the needs of people. She has knowledge that no one else in my company has. Her value is extremely high for consultation and mediation, conflicts, personal problems… she listens and analyses problems directly to the point and gives possible solutions.  

Personal Coaching Client

Holly is great, I feel like she is a secure and confidential source that I can talk to about issues I may have without feeling unsafe.

Personal Coaching Client

It’s great to have someone who listens, who isn’t directly involved with the product or the company. I have both just talked about my concerns and problems, and received advice / a different perspective, and asked specifically for advice/ guidelines of behavior in certain situations. I have always gotten good advice that I used and… Read more »

Personal Coaching Client

I find this very useful that you can talk to someone who is not in your team about the possible challenges in the team and also personal things and do this confidentially. And Holly always has good questions to facilitate the discussion and makes me think things over from another perspective.  

Personal Coaching Client

Holly has extremely high value. I feel that her training makes it easy to openly discuss any issues both private and work-related without being afraid of being judged or seen as a problem that needs to be solved. During our sessions I received valuable advice and hands-on tools which I’m making use of ever since…. Read more »

Kerstin Niederle

We’re a multicultural team of 5 people with different professional backgrounds selected by our company in order to found a corporate startup in Silicon Valley within 6 months. Coming out of organizational structures and now working in this innovative environment #PoDojo offered great support both for our business ( following the lean startup methodology and… Read more »