Does this sound and feel familiar to you?

“Tomorrow again the shitty planning meeting, everyone demotivated, passive agressive and blocking my user stories.”
“Ohh, I’ve expected something totally different, why are you not listening? Everyone’s so demotivated!”
“We’ve spend hours talking and talking, now again with other people in the room, no one shares the same picture of why we are doing all of this and whenever we start over we find another solution. How can we keep focused at least on something that is worth spending our time with?”
“I’m totally lost what problem we’re about to solve, who will give us money for it and why and how do I tell my boss tomorrow to continue?”

We have some ideas how to help people facing these situations at work.

We want to invite you to help us to co-create a workshop where you can learn practices and tools to deal better with being responsible for making a product or service. As an early step in our own design process of new content for the #PoDojo where we want to validate our assumptions about you, our customer segment, we are hosting session at Product Camp Berlin 2014 to dig deeper into the problem space and validate our hypothesis.


As thinking tool we are going to use the Value Proposition Design from Alexander Osterwalder to map out the customer jobs, pains and gains together with our target group, the product people at the Product Camp. We want to invite people in organizations who are deciding about the budget, the scope and details of products and services to this interactive session where they can learn about a visual tool to create a map of a customer segment. Share their pains and gains with others while experimenting with the Value Proposition Canvas.

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