Start your Innovation and Improve your Team Process

Start a product and business model innovation initiative, iterate and pivot an idea, improve your team process and agile work culture and learn to apply a new toolbox in our customized Inhouse workshops. With our hands-on teaching style of the right tools and customized flow of actions you learn product thinking with peers in your company by solving your business challenges in an agile way. Create a culture of fast learning within a safe space by practicing Design Thinking, The Lean Startup method and Scrum.

Who is it for?

The Product Dojo Inhouse is designed to accelerate cross-functional teamwork with the mission of creating products customers will love. We work with corporate startup teams, product groups, individuals leading product teams, and temporary product and business model innovation teams, also pivoting and growing startups and independent incubator or accelerator programs. We help lean and agile transformation teams with method teaching, scaling train-the trainer or coach-the-coach model and team coaching. Our team process also helps HR, sales and marketing teams lift-off and adopt an agile way of working.

Scaling and Deepening

Our coach-the-coach model enables your employees to grow their team skills beginning as learners, becoming coaches, teachers and change agent, while helping and getting help from coaches and peers using the Product Dojo Flow. After the coaching and teaching sessions we support the teams within our peers group on Slack, further ongoing remote and onsite coaching sessions. For companies that need to extend their existing cross-functional teams with complementary skills we provide via the #PoDojo network access to trusted experts in the field of Design Thinking Experts, Agile Coaches, Lean UX, Product Management, Product Owner and Agile Software Development.

Three Steps to Co-Create your Learning Journey

Getting started with the Product Dojo Inhouse is easy. We follow a three step process to create your learning journey. First we begin with understanding your challenges using qualitative research and product assessment tools. Second we explore the design space, sparring with leadership to create a flow of actions, with potentially multiple steps to activate team members, leadership and entrepreneurs. Third we learn fast with the Product Dojo Flow. You will be ready to iterate your ideas towards sustainable products that customers will love and fit within viable business models within a maximum of three weeks.

Our Way of Working

When working with organisations who are leading in digital and agile product development we are constantly deepening our knowledge in designing agile product organisations that grow organically and adapt to fit needs. In the process of using our toolbox in coaching corporate startups and accelerators from global companies we’ve identified a set of core principles and success factors that guide us as we help innovation teams:

Organize in small, 100% dedicated, cross-functional teams using lightweight agile roles. Have a dedicated sponsor who leads in an agile way, creates high level of psychological safety and gives forthright, non-violent feedback. Nurture a culture of high autonomy, shared purpose, mastery and trust,. Establish a customer-centric flow, value create over react. Have a strong shared vision combined with rapid empirical design/test cycle for fast learning. Utilize a lightweight, emergent, adaptive agile process owned by the people who do the work, in a continuous improvement cycle, with emphasis on: focus, speed, action, visualization, time-boxing and experimenting. Be mindful of setting up a physical and digital workspace that adapts for creative work.


Here are some post about our insights and practices we gathered working hands-on together with our customers:

    Please contact us and we will get back to you within one or two days by email with an appointment proposal. In the appointment we will clarify how and who of us is best suited to help you with your request and start designing your customized learning journey.

    Please make sure your email address is correct and don't hesitate to send your request again if you haven't heard from us - or use our direct email contact @ .

    Your Takeaways

    • Clear and Actionable Product Strategy, qualified opportunity backlog, key metrics and action plan for the first sprint
    • Teams Ready to start iterating within the strategy framework
    • Lean and agile toolbox and customized flow ready to applied
    • Team lift-off, personal skill reflection and continuous improvement flow
    • Tools from Design Thinking, Design Sprint, The Lean Startup, Value Proposition Design, Agile Coaching, Scrum, OKR made actionable for your organization
    • Lean and Agile Product Thinking and Work-Culture
    Podojo Team

    Why Us?

    We are an experienced team working together since 2012 and have helped hundreds of people and teams at the Product Dojo, in Inhouse workshops and Coaching sessions, while also tackling the ever growing complexity of product innovation.

    We put our customer’s problems first and then we co-create the next step or the entire journey, using our skills in Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Scrum Trainer (CST™) and Management 3.0 agile leadership tools. We have been practicing what we at #PoDojo teach since the early 1990s, and we have deep knowledge in agile product strategy and development, agile leadership, scaling product organisations and startups, corporate startups and accelerator programs and agile transformation.

    What our
    customers say

    Growing an entrepreneurial spirit is key to success of digital transformation at Axel Springer, a leading media company in Germany. The #PoDojo helped us to design the value proposition of a learning format to support talents to become innovators and change agents. We have used the value proposition design framework and an iterative approach to deliver a series of evening workshops teaching lean startup, business model and value proposition design as well as agile methods.

    Johannes Burr
    Axel Springer SE, Head of HR Marketing & Change Management


    It is highly productive and it is fun to do.

    Christopher Speer
    Atameo, CTO and Co-founder

    Based in Berlin, Stefan is one of the world’s best innovation coaches out there, and my go-to-person for agile leadership, customer centricity and product development — not only for the tools and methodologies, but especially for the mindset.


    Bastian Gerhard
    Managing Director at Oyster Lab

    Coming from different background and culture we started our start up journey togther with #PoDojo. We formed a great team shortly after our bootcamp started with help of our mentor Stefan Haas. The methodology and the tools he used brought everyone up to speed very quickly. It was interesting to see how fast you can develop your skills if you use right structure and tools. That’s was #PoDojo did in great manner. Such a great experience that helped me and the team to develop great skills for a successful future.

    Ellie Amirnasr
    qlair powered by MANN+HUMMEL, CEO

    What a great two day session! Received many new insights on how to adapt agile to my daily work! Thanks to the great trainers with lots of experience!

    Alexander Hochgürtel

    Stefan can create an open and creative environment, perfect to enhance creativity and constructive discussions. Working with him was a huge jump in my skills and way of seeing production. Thanks!

    Damien Yvray
    Game Designer at Wooga

    #PoDojo guided my team from Streametric and me in finding the actual problems of our customers. Our workshops helped the team to be more confident in testing and learning from failures, making it possible to build prototypes faster and increase their insights.

    Alexander Ubl
    Streametric powered by Mann + Hummel, Lead

    Stefan can create an open and creative environment, perfect to enhance creativity and constructive discussions. Working with him was a huge jump in my skills and way of seeing production. Thanks!

    Damien Yvray
    Wooga, Game Designer

    #PoDojo enabled our energy and creativity and moving us to incredible ideas.

    Yvonne Balzer

    The guys make a great job bringing the practical component to the lean startup theory! Thank you!

Philipp Katz
    LineUpr GmbH, Co Founder

    Thanks for two precious days of input, creativity & inspiration!

    Christian Ahrens

    Great workshop, very action orientated and really valuable experience for our Startup.

Vincent Houdebine
    Tiresio, CEO

    After a series of rapid changes in our product development department in 2015 we have been facing a mismatch of outcome with stakeholder expectations within the development and product team behind the Bringmeister delivery service platform. With their empathy-based and solution-focused participative approach, Stefan Haas and Jens Otto Lange helped us navigate the complexity of making Bringmeister successful. After a few, high impact workshops they facilitated with the whole team and a very limited time invested we could re-create alignment of product development with the business strategy increasing team motivation, autonomy and ownership of responsibility.

    Boris Frank
    Bringmeister GmbH, Geschäftsführer CMO

    Thank you Stefan, as our facilitator and coach you contributed substantially in taking us as a team to the next level – and it was both, big fun yet productive and fruitful!

    Daniel Gaumann
    P.DVE, Leiter Geschäftsentwicklung

    Get long lasting experiences from a highly motivated and highly skilled team of teachers!

    Stefan Gohr

    The mission of Zalando’s Innovation Lab “The Shuttle” is to establish a customer-centric bottom-up innovation culture and enable people with tools to innovate across the organization. The team behind “The Shuttle” helps entrepreneurial-minded people at Zalando who want to validate and move their ideas. We have hired the #PoDojo to introduce us to Lean Startup and Design Thinking for Business Model and Value Proposition Design. The action-oriented teaching style and deep knowledge of how to apply the tools helped us a lot so that the new thinking is now well accepted by our innovation coaches helping teams. They also use the tools in their daily work by mapping out how they as a unit create value for the organization and to launch a scalable learning program.

    Bastian Gerhard
    Zalando, Founder of Technology Innovation Lab (a.k.a. The Shuttle), 
Head of Innovation and Enablement at Zalando SE

    Thank you for the new way of thinking! Go #PoDojo!

Jahangir Kohestani

    Some of our clients
    who put their trust in us