Andreas Bartel: A Risk-Managed Approach to Dependency Management

Session at Product Dojo, November 15, 2019, Berlin

Managing dependencies effectively is often the key to unlocking enterprise scale agility. However, existing approaches are struggling to provide a pragmatic solution, often resorting to “big planning up-front”, large, expensive meetings, the use of copious balls of string, only to find later that many dependencies remained hidden and emerged later only to disrupt plans and delay deliverables.

Kanban has an elegant solution to managing dependencies in large-scale businesses, independent of the Agile method you are using, and it is a solution tried and tested in many environments where uncertainty and risk are prevalent. This talk will shortly introduce how to manage dependencies better using probabilistic approaches to risk, and reduce or possibly eliminate your existing, time-consuming and unreliable, deterministic approaches.

Ulrich Sommer: Climate Crisis

Meetup on Sustainable Product: Triggering Behaviour Change, November 14, 2019, Berlin

Ulrich from Extinction Rebellion will give a brief introduction to the current climate crisis, focussing on the scientific consensus on climate change and the data currently available for extrapolation until 2100. Ulrich worked as a biologist in pest control research and currently works as Product Manager for a Systems Management company.

Henrik Kniberg: How to Help People Reduce their Carbon Footprint

Meetup on Sustainable Product: Triggering Behaviour Change, November 14, 2019, Berlin

Henrik will share in this session about his efforts to reduce global warming. He’s building up a community and trying to learn as much as possible about how to effectively reduce global warming. He co-founded a service called that helps people reduce your their carbon footprint by calculating and compensating their CO2 emissions via a UN certified climate offset projects. Henrik spent the past 12+ years coaching and mentoring organizations based on Agile and Lean principles. He’s currently coaching and Minecraft development at Mojang, previously worked with Spotify & LEGO. He is also known for creating popular books and videos, such as the: Spotify Engineering Culture (typically referred to as the “Spotify Model”).

Michal Subel: Exploring the Product Development Challenges of Enabling Consumers of an Online Fashion Platform to Behave More Sustainably

Meetup on Sustainable Product: Triggering Behaviour Change, November 14, 2019, Berlin

(Video editing is in progress)

The online retail domain is more than familiar to many product managers by now and solving problems of discovery, inspiration, or conversion seems like common knowledge. But what do you do when the strategic vision is to become a sustainable fashion platform with a net-positive impact for people and the planet? How do you shape the digital experience when you know that you can only reach that vision together with your customers?

My recent journey at Zalando revealed several challenges that product development organizations can encounter when sustainability needs to become an integral part of the digital experience. Team set-up, success metrics, prioritization, enabling change at scale… None of this is obvious and the usual sources offer little relevant knowledge. In this talk, I will share the approach we are taking to overcome these new challenges, present some of the lessons we have already learned and explore those that are still in front of us.

Magnus Hofer: From Outputs to Outcomes

Meetup, From Outputs to Outcomes, October 22, 2019, Zurich

As an organisation, being outcome driven is key to be flexible enough to react on changes and at the same time having clear focus on which behavior change you want your customers to make. What you don’t want is simply producing outputs that add no value to your product and business.

In this talk, Magnus Hofer, Director of Product & Platform Experience at Crowdhouse, will tell the story about how Crowdhouse moved from an Output to an Outcome driven approach in Product Development.

Jan Świerzowicz: Going Down the Rabbit Hole. Researching Scammers from User’s Perspective.

Meetup Product Strategies to Prevent Fraud, October 17, 2019, Berlin

Did you ever wonder what happens when you reply to scammers email? Well, we did it for you so you dont have to. In this talk we will present what actually happens when we fall into scammers funnel. What are their tactics and what can we do to educate your users not to fall victim of fraudulent behaviour? We will show you using OLX as an example.

Jan Świerzowicz is a Product Manager for OLX in Customer Safety and Security team for Europe. He has been with OLX for more than 6,5 years and has gathered a lot of experience in different product areas cooperating with teams from all over the world. Before joining OLX he’s been a research assistant at Department of IT of Poznań, University of Economics interested in areas of Social Network Analysis and Cloud Computing. Lives in Poznań, father of one (soon to be two), football and chess fan.

David Wilde: Don’t Underestimate Complex Systems. ML-based Fraud Prevention at RatePAY

Meetup Product Strategies to Prevent Fraud, October 17, 2019, Berlin

Human behavior is a complex thing, fraudsters are no different.

What do you need to consider when you want to solve complex problems in an automated fashion at scale?

In this talk I describe how we at RatePAY build up a team to develop an adaptive and flexible product to go against e-commerce fraud.

David Wilde is Head of Data Science at RatePAY and has been with the company since 2016. He started here as a Risk Analyst and currently leads the Data Science team. With over 3 years of experience, the graduate economist brings with him sound knowledge in the areas of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analysis and fraud prevention.

Büsra Coskuner: Real Life Story about Escaping her Almost-Burn-Out Moment with better Time Management

Meetup Crazy Busy Product People: Hacks for better Time & Stress Management, September 4, 2019, Zurich

In Product Development, we’re busy the whole day, trying to unblock everybody, keeping stakeholders up to date, negotiate with different people inside and outside the team, improve the development process, etc. etc. etc. We have only little time for deep work, and our stress level is extremely high. If we don’t learn how to manage stressful situations, how to make time for ourselves, and how to organise ourselves to not get into those situations, it’s our physical and mental health that suffers from this. Sustainable product development includes healthy product people. You can find the tips that we’ve collected in this blog post.

Büşra Coşkuner is Senior Product Manager at Doodle, leading the product efforts of Doodle‘s 1:1 scheduling solutions. She studied Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technical University of Berlin, and has felt right at home co-existing in the worlds of technology and business ever since. She has been focused on the product side of companies and branches of all different sizes and disciplines including: startups, scale-ups, corporates, telecommunication, e-commerce, SaaS, B2C, B2B and B2B2C…granting her with a variety of experiences and insights throughout her career and leadership.

Elodie Caucigh: How Stress Affects Us and How We Can Control it

Meetup Crazy Busy Product People: Hacks for better Time & Stress Management, September 4, 2019, Zurich

Corporate Wellbeing Officer & Founder of REAL EASE, Elodie left her career in advertising to educate companies and demonstrate why investing in Corporate Wellbeing is key to reaching business goals while reducing turnover, stress and health-related costs. Having witnessed and overcome acute phases of stress, she knows how crucial it is for professionals to develop wellbeing and stress management skills if they want to perform and succeed at work. Her vision is to make these skills accessible to every employee worldwide, directly at their desk, when and where they need it most. Together with Nurish Mind, she co-leads the multidisciplinary corporate wellbeing program Work Health Balance and the first Lean In circle dedicated to occupational health in Switzerland.

Philip Baumann: Create Products that Really Matter

Meetup, April 5, 2019, Berlin

Philip Baumann, Head of Product at will join the Product Dojo with his talk: “Many drops make an ocean – Our responsibility to create products that really matter.”

What do we really mean when we say user value? Does the world really need another dating or gaming app or a better way to organise and share your videos? Or should we rather work on the truly tough problems, like empowering people to waste less food, have access to quality education or adjust to climate change? We all have a responsibility to put our time and energy where it really matters and in the end that is also much more fun and rewarding.

Philip is a digital product creator, green thinker and teal organization designer. He is dreaming of a world where there is a healthy relationship between humans, personal technology and nature. Leading product efforts at Ecosia he is always looking for ways to support autonomous teams to build products that have a positive global impact.

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